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Homestay Program for Go Canada

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Thank you for your interest in the Homestay Program for Go Canada. The opportunity to host an international student is a wonderful, eye-opening experience and we would like to thank you in advance for choosing to embark on this rewarding journey to host a student from Spain.

Below, you will find the information to becoming a host family with Go Canada. Please use the following email address for any correspondence and to send supporting documents: homestay@gocanada.es.


Steps to becoming a host family for Go Canada

  1. Understand your responsibilities.
  2. Fill out and submit the Homestay Information form.
  3. Provide a photo of:
    • all the members of the family posing together;
    • the house from the outside front;
    • a common room area such as the kitchen or the living room;
    • the bedroom where the student will be staying.
  4. Provide Police Record Checks for all persons living at the household over the age of 19 years.
  5. Provide bank account information for direct deposit.
    • Alternatively, you can fill out and email this form to us or provide a void cheque.
  6. Complete a home visit with one of our Homestay Coordinators.
    • Following review of your application, you will be contacted by our Homestay Coordinator who will schedule an interview at your home.
  7. Provide Information Update form regarding any changes in the homestay (when applicable).


Once you have submitted all the paperwork, you will be entered into our homestay database and will be eligible to host a student. Program coordinators begin to make homestay placements upon receipt of student registration, which typically happens between October and April.

When we have a suitable student to offer you, we will provide you with a prospective student profile. Once you confirm that you are interested in hosting said student, we will send your profile to the student and ask them to confirm as well. Upon confirmation from both parties that they are happy with the match, we will:

  1. Typically ask you to sign a Commitment to Host form;
    • Please use this template as a reference. We will send you a personalized copy with the required details once the match is confirmed.
  2. Ask you to sign the Homestay and Student Expectations Agreement.
    • Please use this template as a reference. We will send you a personalized copy with the required details once the match is confirmed.

Please note that the match will not be completed until Go Canada confirms so in writing and specifically mentions that first contact may be made with the student.



  1. Bank Account Information for Direct Deposit
  2. Commitment to Host
  3. Homestay and Student Expectations Agreement
  4. Homestay Progress Report (to be submitted every 3 months)
  5. Initial Homestay Report (to be submitted 2 weeks after the student’s arrival)
  6. International Student Activities Calendar (most up-to-date version)
  7. Police Record Request
  8. Medical Insurance: Summary of Coverage
  9. Medical Insurance: Claim Form
  10. School Calendar (most up-to-date version)
  11. To Do List for First Week of Hosting
  12. Trip Information Form (to be submitted to authorize trips and/or relevant activities)
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